Smart Data accompanying research

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) has set up an accompanying research project for the "Smart Data – Innovationen aus Daten" (Smart Data – Data Innovation) technology programme. Accompanying research supports the projects of the technology programme in their most effective implementation possible. Accompanying research serves to network the indivdual research projects and ensures the comprehensive transfer of valid results to the market. To these ends, accompanying research performs the following individual measures:

Accompanying research provides systematic, continuous and project-spanning monitoring for Big Data technologies and their commercial use in industry, the energy sector or mobility projects. The projects supported are additionally provided with consultancy support in order to facilitate the efficient and successful pursuit of the project aims.

Accompanying research initiates, organises and moderates working groups on various cross-sectional issues which concern all the projects supported and addresses the subject of developing Smart Data technologies, such as issues of data protection, data security, acceptance or new business models.

Accompanying research builds, strengthens and promotes networks for the project-spanning co-ordination and promotion of quick and targeted knowledge transfer. Core elements are the website and an internal co-operation platform. Accompanying research also organises numerous events, such as conferences and specialist workshops. It also attends relevant trade shows and promotes networking with associations and other initiatives.

In order to boost the general economic effects of the support initiatives, accompanying research ensures the communication of results through numerous PR and technology transfer measures which have a broad impact. This primarily includes target-group specific transfer measures, the preparation of publications, such as brochures, flyers, fact sheets, newsletters as well as publication of scientific studies, papers and articles.

Finally, accompanying research initiates measures designed to secure the sustainability of the central research aspect. This is achieved by developing concepts for maintaining and expanding the networks established between the stakeholders during the term of the project and after.

FZI – Research Center for Information Technology as the consortium leader is generally responsible for accompanying research. FZI's networking efforts are supported by the German Informatics Society [Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. (GI)] whilst LoeschHundLiepold Kommunikation (LHLK) provides support for the transfer of technology and results.