Smart Services Worlds II

New examples of applications for digital services and platforms

On 4 November 2016, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy announced the technology programme “Smart Services Worlds II – new examples of applications for digital services and platforms”.

The technology programme is part of the “Digitisation Action Programme” presented by the Economic Affairs Ministry at the high-level conference on the digital transformation. Smart Services Worlds II broadens the existing technology programme entitled “Smart Services Worlds – Internet-based Business Services” to include further areas which have so far been underrepresented. It is also intended to include pilot projects focusing on digitisation applications in rural and small-town communities.

The technology programme “Smart Services Worlds II – new examples of applications for digital services and platforms” promotes cross-cutting flagship solutions for SMEs. Smart Services Worlds II will be addressing the following fields of application:

  • Employment (use of smart services e.g. to safeguard employment or to alleviate the skills shortage, etc.)
  • Mobility (e.g. new logistics solutions, services for multimodal local transport use, etc.)
  • Housing (e.g. digital services to help older people, increase the safety/security and comfort of buildings, etc.)
  • Basic services (e.g. smart services for energy supply, the supply of goods and services, basic medical care, etc.)

The Smart Services Worlds II technology programme runs from 2018-2021 and is receiving up to €50m of funding from the Economic Affairs Ministry.

All of the information you need to take part in the technology programme can be found in the “Smart Services Worlds II” brochure, which can be downloaded under “Further information”. A list of FAQs should answer other questions you may have. Both documents are currently only available in German.

The information needed for you to take part in the “Smart Services Worlds II” competition must be submitted via This site also has an online form for applications and the submission of the project sketch.

Applications must be submitted by noon on 9 February 2017.

The following organisation is entrusted with the holding of the competition and the ensuing application and funding stages:
German Aerospace Center (DLR)
DLR Projektträger; Technische Innovationen in der Wirtschaft
Herr Peter Wüstnienhaus,
Tel.: +49 2203 601-3043